Depression and anxiety: how running helped me

My anxiety started back in 2009, when the home that I lived in with my husband and children was damaged by the floods. I began to notice myself overthinking everything and analysing every little irrelevant thing; worrying became a daily habit, even about things that hadn’t happened yet. At the time I didn’t realise this […]

The Paddy Lynas Story – Overcoming all the odds and beating a debilitating lung disease

Belfast father–of–two Paddy Lynas once thought his life was over. He suffered from depression over his newly diagnosed lung disease, the resulting loss of his job and the death of several close family members. Now, just a couple of years later, he walks 12 miles a day and is off all medication. He no longer […]

Why keeping your teen healthy and happy in mind is not as hard as you might have feared

Dr Hayley van Zwanenberg talks to Liz Connor about how adults can best support young people with mental health problems. Stress, anxiety and depression can be tough enough for anyone to deal with, but couple that with the hormonal changes that teenagers face during puberty, and mental health issues can feel like an overwhelming and […]