Defibrillators save lives. Learn all about theses fantastic machines!

Why Defibrillators Save Lives Read more here …. Published at First Aid For Life Videos from SPAR Northern Ireland Watch the videos below about people whose lives have been saved by defibrillators.  Also, Shane O’Hare recently swam across Strangford Lough to raise money for a defibrillator for Strangford village.  Read all about it here.

What is blood pressure? What is ‘high’ blood pressure?

High blood pressure Read more here ….  To have your pressure tested at Strangford Pharmacy see this page for details. Published at British Heart Foundation Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0)

Quit Smoking! Health benefits of kicking the habit and living a cigarette-free life

Stop Smoking Advice Read more here ….   See how Strangford Pharmacy can help you Quit Smoking Published at Life Pharmacy Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0) quit smoking, quit smoking

Ditch the screen – tips to overcome smartphone addiction

5 ways to overcome your phone addiction Read more here …. Originally published at Now To Love Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0)

The great supermarket ‘Superfoods’ con job

Supermarkets and food companies are using trendy ‘superfoods’ to sell ‘cheat products’ which only contain a fraction of the ‘super’ ingredient Read more here …. Published at Mail Online Image Source :  Pixabay (CC0) superfoods, superfoods