Flu jab

What is the flu jab?

Flu can be unpleasant, and severe in certain people.  Flu vaccination, otherwise known as the flu jab, is available every year on the NHS to help protect people at risk of flu and its complications.  The vaccination covers the 4 main strains of influenza.

Now, some community pharmacies, such as Strangford Pharmacy, offer a vaccination service so you don’t have to go to your GP to get the flu jab.

Getting the vaccination at Strangford Pharmacy instead of going to your doctor in Downpatrick, or other neighbouring towns, has several advantages –

  • If you are a resident of Strangford village a quick trip to the pharmacy is very convenient.
  • No appointment is necessary, just drop in to the pharmacy and we will accommodate you.
  • Unlike your local GP’s surgery, Strangford Pharmacy does not have a waiting room full of patients, so there are no waiting times.
  • The procedure is very quick – no longer than 15 minutes.

What is the Flu?

Flu is not the same as the common cold; we recommend talking to one of our pharmacists for advice on managing your symptoms.  We can also advise you on whether you are eligible for a flu jab.

Getting a flu jab at Strangford Pharmacy is convenient, accessible, and there is no need to book an appointment, so feel free to talk to our pharmacists at your convenience.

How effective is the flu vaccine?

Studies have shown that the flu vaccine will help prevent you getting the flu.

It won’t stop all flu viruses and the level of protection may vary, so it’s not a 100% guarantee that you’ll be flu-free, but if you do get the flu after vaccination it’s likely to be milder and shorter-lived than it would otherwise have been. 

When to have a flu vaccine

The best time to have a flu vaccine is in the autumn, from the beginning of October to end of November, but don’t worry if you’ve missed it, you can have the vaccine later in winter.

Call in to the Pharmacy and we can discuss your options. 


Going away somewhere?  It’s important to know whether you require a travel vaccination, so feel free to drop in and speak to one of our pharmacists for advice.

If you’re travelling abroad please ensure that you have any required medicines before you go; our team at Strangford Pharmacy can help if you are unsure.

If you’re worried about going abroad one of our pharmacists can give you advice on vaccinations, as well as medication for travellers. 

Further info about the Flu Jab

To find out more about the flu jab click here…

What is the cost of the Flu Jab?

To get the flu jab vaccination at Strangford Pharmacy the cost is £8.95