Strangford Pharmacy is now a Health Plus Pharmacy!

We are proud to announce that Strangford Pharmacy has been accredited as a Health+ Pharmacy.  The Health+Pharmacy initiative recognizes the important role pharmacy has to play in communities’ health and well-being.

To receive the Health+Pharmacy award, the Pharmacy showed that it meets a variety of standards on issues such as staff training, the premises, and that we are working with a number of organisations to support health and well-being.  Congratulations us!

We play a special role in the community

Community pharmacy services have been recognised as being the first port of call for many people, based in the heart of the community, where people live, work and shop.

Community pharmacy teams have a special understanding of the needs of members of their communities through daily interactions with patients and customers. Transforming Your Care highlighted that there was to be an extended role for community pharmacy in the arena of health promotion.

The Agency and the Board have worked together with a range of partners from across academia, service providers, professional bodies, the community sector and the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety to develop the Pharmacy Alliance for Health Improvement.

The Alliance has built on previous experience and developed a number of initiatives which will facilitate an expanded role for community pharmacy in health promotion.

The Health Plus Pharmacy Initiative aims to develop a public health ethos within pharmacy.  Read more here ….

We are trained to help you!

As part of the Health Plus Pharmacy initiative our staff have undergone extensive training to be able to:

  • Help you to look after your own health better by giving you advice on how to prevent you from getting sick in the first place
  • Give you information on what other services are available in your local area which can help support you
  • Be more focused on supporting self-management individual resilience and independence
  • Work with you to give you advice and support to help you manage your own condition better which will help reduce the number of people who need to into hospital for treatment. 

For more information on the Health Plus Pharmacy initiative you can read about it here ….